New locations

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On September 25th, 2017 L&C moved into new facilities due to severe damages caused to our former premises during the 09/19 earthquake. We are located in Condesa and Juárez, please check out  L&C Spanish School on Google maps.

We have developed a unique, interesting and fun teaching method. Come and learn through experience, by playing pleasant and practical learning games. Try it out by booking a full demo lesson free of charge!        Book now!

You have two choices: come and sit with a group, have a free 45-minute class, if you like our teaching techniques, join a group class; or take a private demo class, either via Skype or live.

* Note: Private trial lessons must be booked 24 hours in advance, and will only be free if you sign up for a private course of 20 hours as a minimum. Group trial classes are free of charge whether signing up or not.

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