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Español para extranjeros

Presencial o por Skype, usted aprenderá por medio de juegos didácticos. Nuestro método es fácil, divertido y muy efectivo. Usualmente se hace un 70% de práctica y un 30% de teoría, aunque también puede ser un “traje a la medida”, de acuerdo a los intereses y necesidades de cada persona. Conversacional.

Either by Skype or live, our teaching approach is unique. You´ll learn mostly by playing didactic games, it´s fun, easy and highly effective. 70% of the session is practice and the other 30% is theory. The course can be tailor-made, to meet your needs and interests; always enjoyable, conversational.

Welcome to Lengua y Cultura MX

Our team consists of foreign language professionals and teachers that come from all over the world to work together here in D.F.
For years, we have worked with various universities, both public and private, among which are the National Mexican University (UNAM), La Salle, etc.

All of our language teachers are accredited, having extensive experience in the field of Applied Linguistics and a real fervor for what we do.

Our combined strengths contribute to our overall passion, which is providing people with communicative and cultural tools of the highest possible quality and promoting the different Latin American dialects of the Spanish language.

If you are looking for a native teacher in the language you are learning–Spanish teachers from Mexico, English teachers from England, German teachers from Germany–Lengua y Cultura is the place to study.

Group Courses connect about 4-5 students with one of our trained professors, and our class schedules are very flexible. Group classes give you the opportunity to meet other foreign Spanish enthusiasts and learn from your peers in an interactive and comfortable environment. You can pay for either 40 or 45 hours of group classes. The price of our 40 hour course is $4800 pesos plus the cost of the materials ($750 pesos for the original textbook, $250 pesos for a photocopy) and the one time enrollment fee ($350 pesos). Our 45 hour course costs $5400 pesos, plus cost of the materials and enrollment fee.

If you’d rather work with a tutor one-on-one, the most flexible and hyper-personalized option would be Private Courses. Your professor will formulate the class based on whatever it is that you may need (be it studying a specific vocabulary set for work, focusing on advancing your listening skills, mastering complex conjugations, or a combination of everything). Classes can take place either at our language school in Roma Sur, your home, or your office (which may include an additional transportation cost based if you’re located outside of Condesa or Roma). 20 hours of private classes (our minimum amount) is $8000 pesos, and this price includes the materials and enrollment fee. For additional classes beyond 20 hours, our rate is $330 pesos per hour.

Get in touch or come and see us.
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Spanish Classes in Condesa, Mexico City

Learning by doing.
Improve your Spanish through our interactive approach with a fresh and practical learning methodology.

Classes include an important mix of learning games and conversational activities. The result is incomparably effective, as you will develop communication skills, knowledge of the grammatical language structure and the vocabulary you need to be able to actually use Spanish. What makes us different is our uniquely cultural approach, granting further context to the beauty of the language.

Lengua y Cultura Spanish classes are held in Colonia Roma Sur, Mexico City. With accredited, experienced, Spanish teachers.


  • —Over 20 years experience at teaching foreign languages.
  • —Conversation Club in a multicultural and friendly environment.
  • —Gain an international certification (DELE by Instituto Cervantes).
  • —On site courses and classes at your workplace or home.
  • —Classes via Skype™  and access to online activities.

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Use the Links in the Table below for full Course Descriptions.

Course Prices

*1 Month Regular
  • Mon to Fri (9am – 11am or 5 pm to 7pm)
  • 2 hours per day,  5 days per week.
 MXN 4,800 pesos
*Intensive Course
  • Mon to Fri (9am – 12pm)
  • 3 hours per day,  5 days per week.
MXN 5,400 pesos
*Full Immersion Program (private) 
  • Mon to Fri (9am – 3pm)
  • 6 hours per day, 5 days per week.
MXN 6,600  pesos / week
**Private Lessons
  • Student can choose class time and days
**From MXN 300 pesos / hour
*Saturday Intensive
  • 10 Saturdays (9am – 1 pm)
  • 4 hours per session,  only Saturday.
MXN 4,800  pesos
Flexibility is one of our strengths,  ask for a personalized  program and schedule!

*Prices can be paid in USD or MXN (Mexican Pesos). A one-time registration fee of MXN 350 Pesos applies. Course book MXN 750 Pesos.

Additional Services for Lengua y Cultura Students:

  • —Guided cultural tours to sites of historic and cultural interest.
  • —Accommodation for groups and individuals.

To enroll in a course or if you have any questions please get in touch with the Lengua y Cultura team. Our courses are based on the Common European Framework, and we will place you in the appropriate level based on a simple, online language assessment.

*This program is available for private students all year round, group classes for some levels are available during Summer Time.

**This price applies only to Condesa-Roma area in Mexico City. For Polanco and other business districts, an additional charge  may apply.