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Español para extranjeros

Presencial o por Skype, usted aprenderá por medio de juegos didácticos. Nuestro método es fácil, divertido y muy efectivo. Usualmente se hace un 70% de práctica y un 30% de teoría, aunque también puede ser un “traje a la medida”, de acuerdo a los intereses y necesidades de cada persona. Conversacional.

Either by Skype or live, our teaching approach is unique. You´ll learn mostly by playing didactic games, it´s fun, easy and highly effective. 70% of the session is practice and the other 30% is theory. The course can be tailor-made, to meet your needs and interests; always enjoyable, conversational.

Course Prices

The course types listed below are available for Spanish, at all levels of ability, from beginners to advanced and business. Contact us to find out about our impending start dates!

Use the links in the table below for full course descriptions.

*1 Month Regular Group Course
  • Mon to Fri (9am – 11am or 5 pm to 7pm)
  • 2 hours per day,  5 days per week.
 MXN 4,800 pesos / month
*Intensive Group Course
  • Mon to Fri (9am – 12pm)
  • 3 hours per day,  5 days per week.
MXN 5,400 pesos / 3 weeks
*Full Immersion Program 

(combo of group and 1:1 classes)

  • Mon to Fri (9am – 3pm)
  • 6 hours per day, 5 days per week.
  • TOTAL HOURS: 120
MXN 6,600 pesos / per week
**Private Individual Lessons
  • Student can choose class time and days
**From MXN 330 pesos / hour
*Saturday Intensive
  • 5 Saturdays (9am – 1 pm)
  • 4 hours per session,  only Saturday.
MXN 2,400 pesos / (5 weeks)
Flexibility is one of our strengths,  ask for a personalized program and schedule!

*Prices can be paid in USD or MXN (Mexican Pesos). A one-time registration fee of MXN 350 Pesos applies. Course book MXN 750 Pesos.

Additional Services for Lengua y Cultura Students:

  • —Guided cultural tours to sites of historic and cultural interest.
  • —Accommodation for groups and individuals.

To enroll in a course or if you have any questions please get in touch with the Lengua y Cultura team. Our courses are based on the Common European Framework, and we will place you in the appropriate level based on a simple, online language assessment.

*This program is available for private students all year round, group classes for some levels are available during Summer Time.

**This price applies only to Condesa-Roma area in Mexico City. For Polanco and other business districts, an additional charge may apply.

Spanish Immersion Program

Hands down, the most effective language course in Mexico City.

Lengua y cultura MX offers you the fastest and most intense language learning experience. This program has been designed to help you quickly advanced given your individual needs, particularly when your time in our beautiful country is limited. Each course is tailor-made. If you arrive to Mexico without any previous language experience, in as little as two weeks you will learn to communicate in most everyday situations as well as in business and social settings.

Program features:

  • Diagnosis class in order to design a personalized leaning program to meet your individual goals and interests as well as cater our course to your unique learning style
  • 6-hour intensive language instruction based on our conversational method (usually form 9 AM to 5 PM)
  • Realistic social and business setting role playing that can be  applied to real-life situations (For example, learn how to order food and read the menu while out to lunch with your main tutor, and further develop your ear for the language while holding conversations with different instructors)
  • Daily opportunities to practice in multiple-person conversations with experienced teaching team
  • Daily achievement reviews to ensure you meet your learning/communication goals

Pricing & Schedule