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There are numerous reasons to visit the amazing city where we reside. Mexico City is rich with culture and history dating back to the Aztec period, and contains a plethora of museums, archaeological sites & attractions to see as your travel around our beautiful city.

Throughout these blog posts, we will look in to the many sites and reasons to come to this breathtaking city.

Starting first with history. Mexico City is built upon the ancient city known as Tenochtitlán, and was the capital of the Aztec empire. It was founded in 1325 and then destroyed during a siege by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés in 1521 A.D. Tenochtitlán was built upon an island on Lake Texcoco, which used a series of canals/causeways that supplied the people with nourishment.

According to Michael Smith, a professor at NYU, Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico in 1519, and was greeted with gifts of gold from Motecuhzoma II. The gifts were given in an attempt to make the Spaniards leave Mexico, however it had the reverse affect, unfortunately for the Aztecs. A series of events then led to the downfall of the city, I won’t spoil them all here, its best to learn straight from the source.

There is an exhibit that is housed within the National Museum of Anthropology. This is a must see whilst visiting, as well as Templo Mayor, which is located within the heart of Mexico City. Alongside the amazing ruins of the Templo Mayor, there is colonial art and architecture available to see.

A model of reconstructed Tenochtitlán is featured at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. (Image credit: National Museum of Anthropology )

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