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Food is something that everyone needs, so why not eat the things you love? Something I love is Mexican cuisine. It has some of the boldest flavours found around the world and most dishes are highly customisable.

Tacos for me, have some of the best flavours, they can be prepared however the user wants and have so many options. One of the most interesting ways of preparing meat for tacos would be carnitas, very similar to pulled pork.

Even though they can be made from home, I’ve never managed to encapsulate the taste of that of street food. The city isn’t short of places to find amazing food. I asked the staff what some of their favourite foods are and these are the most popular;

  • Enchiladas verdes
  • Mole Rojo
  • Pozole
  • Mixiotes
  • Esquites
  • Tamales

These are just a select few delicious Mexican dishes that are hard to replicate the further you drift from the country, so it’s a compelling reason to visit out beautiful city and try our exceptional food. When learning with Lengua Y Cultura we help you know the best places for food and help you know what food to try.

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